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HH The Optimum Wide Brim #870

HH The Optimum Wide Brim #870

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The Optimum

Style #: 870
Brand: Hills Hats
Season: All Year
Content: Hyrdotex fabric with a technical membrane

The Optimum is the ultimate outdoors hat that’s made from ‘Hydrotex’ fabric that has a technical membrane that resists water and wind.

  • Features a wide-brim hat with concealed legionnaires neck flap.
  • Crushable crown with a floatation pad.
  • Adjustable chin cord with toggle & keeper.
  • Compartments on the outside band for golf tee or fishing fly, two brass mesh side eyelets, and a concealed pocket for cash or keys.
  • Approx 7.5cm brim, and neck flap measure 19cm long x 45cm wide.
  • The neck flap is made from SportX Dry a quick-dry antibacterial moisture-wicking sports fabric.
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