Our Story

Walking through Newtown one afternoon in 2006, Ross Patch came across a tea shop offering such a vast selection that it caused him to pause and enter. A lover of quality tea and coffee, he realised he had discovered something special. Ross saw an opportunity, creating a unique space in Armidale for people like him. A place for people who would appreciate something a little better close to home. Where the people of Armidale could indulge themselves and rediscover their love for tea and coffee.  

Daily Ritual opened in 2007 providing Armidale and the New England with a premium selection of over two hundred varieties of quality tea and several coffee blends. and a stunningly indulgent range of chocolates, it truly has become a daily ritual for many in town.  

The Daily Ritual sources all products ethically, only reselling from quality suppliers. Calibrating his scales every week to ensure customers receive exactly what they pay for. And all the while charging a reasonable price for premium products and service. It is hard work to run a quality business. 

Recognition has followed. Winning awards for his products from Sydney Fine Food, Hobart Fine Food, and Melbourne International Coffee Expo along with awards for excellence in business, hospitality and accessibility from his local business chamber, the Armidale Business Chamber.

Ross is taking Daily Ritual to the next level, offering delivery throughout the New England region and Australia wide, always continuing to improve and diversify his line of award-winning products.

Featured collection

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  • The Homburg Hat

    The Homburg hat is a timeless and elegant men's formal hat. With its distinct stiff, upturned brim and creased crown featuring dents on each side, the Homburg exudes sophistication.

    Made from wool, fur felt, or straw depending on the season, this hat is the epitome of style and class.

    This classic hat is a must-have for special occasions and events where a touch of traditional elegance is desired.

  • The Trilby Hat

    The Trilby hat is a stylish and versatile men's hat. Its distinctive design features a short brim that is sharply angled down in the front and turned up at the back. The crown of the Trilby is typically indented and has a slight crease in the center.

    This classic hat is often made from materials like wool, tweed, straw, or even felt.
    The Trilby's versatility effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits, from smart-casual attire to more formal ensembles.

  • The Bowler Hat

    The Bowler hat, a is a classic and iconic men's hat with a distinctive round, low-crowned design and a small brim.
    The Bowler hat is typically made from felt or wool and is recognized for its hard, domed shape. It often features a ribbon band around the base of the crown.
    The Bowler hat remains an enduring symbol of British style.