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Bialetti Musa Espresso Maker

Bialetti Musa Espresso Maker

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Simple Elegance made in stainless steel.

The new fashion-forward polished stainless steel Musa design focuses on stylish elegance. Musa can be used on gas & electric stoves and features a heat resistant black nylon handle.

Our Musa is completely made of stainless steel (including inner parts such as funnel & filterplate) and features a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Musa is available in the following sizes:

4 Espresso Cup = 8.0 fl.oz / 230ml (max. boiler capacity)
6 Espresso Cup = 10 fl.oz / 300ml (max. boiler capacity)

(Please note that the max. boiler capacity is slightly more than the final output since there is always a little water left in the boiler after brewing.)

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