Good blend wins Armidale coffee-maker RAS award

Good blend wins Armidale coffee-maker RAS award

ABC News Posted Mon 2 May 2011

Armidale-based coffee-maker, Ross Patch, has won a Silver Award in the Cappuccino Class at this year’s Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

The award is especially significant, given the judges declined to hand out a Gold for any blends in the class in the 2011 competition.

The coffee blends were “blind tasted” and assessed for their standard of crème, taste and depth.

Ross Patch says making a good coffee blend is like baking a cake and he’s very proud of the accolade.

“Well, most of the blends are made up of a combination of four or five particular blends; there may be Columbian, Brazilian, a lot of beans now are coming out of India and Papua New Guinea, too,” he says.

“It’s like baking a cake and you combine them, roast them and there’s a lot of possible combinations.”

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